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Inner Love

Inner Love

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Product Description: A Sleep Story

Self-Love Meditation is about accepting yourself. Our universe made you perfect as can be. You are a soul of pure love. Find your source of inner peace and acceptance. A Sleep story takes its listeners on a descriptive visual journey while inducing deep, calmness, and eventually, sleep. Sleep stories also help reduce negative thinking and immerse us in another World.

Get into a comfortable position in bed. Close your eyes and relax. Begin to visualize a scene, memory, or story that you find calming. This is highly individual—find what works best for you by trying a few choices. Put on your headphones or switch on your external speaker to listen to one of your sleep stories. Close your eyes and notice your breathing pattern. Inhale, exhale slowly. You may be restless at first but turn your mind’s eye back to your relaxing story.

Additional tips if you have difficulty sleeping. Avoid caffeine, bright lights, late-night snacking, TV, the dreaded clock, and smartphone input. If you are awake for more than 30 minutes in bed, drink a glass of milk and find a different location in your home and go through the sleep preparation steps again, it will work.

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