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Welcome to Mindwavezz, a digital wellness company where we want to bring back the joy of living to people and make the world a happier and healthier place. Music has a profound effect on both our emotions and bodies. Listen to our digital audio selections to help you reduce stress and sleep better. Our music and apparel are great for yoga, meditation, positive thinking, relaxation, studying, and restful sleep. Our activewear apparel supports women perfectly while displaying beautiful fresh designs as they go about their busy lives and focus on the journey ahead. Discover the best Home Décor products on our ETSY site. 

A look back, a leap forward!

It all started 20+ years ago with my brother, Dr. MacTavish Williamson, P.h.D. certified hypnotherapist, who wanted a way to help people deal with issues in their daily lives. I had convinced him to go into a recording studio so I could create CDs for clients instead of him producing audio tapes, yes, audio cassettes! He adopted this technology quickly, and we recorded 7 CDs in a series for wellness and relaxation. Sadly, my brother passed away from cancer, and I felt lost and could no longer continue his dream of reaching a wider audience without him at the helm.

Since then, technology has improved so much that I remastered his original recordings and added relaxing music to them. During COVID-19, I recorded over 50 more music additions and relaunched Mindwavezz. The company has grown from digital audio downloads to activewear apparel, home decor, T-shirts, Wall Art, and a whole host of other products. The products are all creative designs that I hope will bring you joy and happiness. Women and men from all over the world love our products.

Thom Williamson

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